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Two community police officers and the superintendent visiting the principal on the first d

Ms. Shapiro's Welcome,


Learning every day is the key to success! Every student is very special and have the ability to create a beautiful world of tomorrow. We expect every student that walks through our doors to be ready to face new academic challenges and to successfully take on those challenges. The teachers at PS/MS 105 are extremely hard working and caring individuals who will help each student achieve success.

Although chasing your dreams requires your efforts and passion, hard work isn't over when you graduate it has only just begun. Keep your dreams alive. If you believe in it and you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it, then you will become it, enjoy it and own it.   


​​Ms. Laurie Shapiro

Our Mission

Poster from the PS/MS 105 Writing Celebration

PS/MS 105Q will use ALL available resources to provide rigorous instruction, and equitable opportunities for ALL students to ensure that all students have next level readiness.

Equity Vision

All school stakeholders will have a stronger understanding of the individual identities that exist in our school community.

Our History

Picture of the outside of the PS/MS 105Q school building

District 27

Serving Grades 3K - 8

Established 1958

Picture of the front of the school building reading Bay School.


Our instructional focus is to plan and implement standards-based, data driven cohesive lessons that engage students in learning. 

The Pledge of Kindness

I pledge to myself, on this very day, 

to try and be kind in every way.

To every person, BIG or small, I will

help them if they fall.

When I love myself, and others, too,

that is the best, that I can do.

P.A.R.R. Affirmation

My positive attitude 

is an example for others to follow

And it motivates me

to perform with enthusiasm!

I will maintain a

Positive, enthusiastic attitude

towards myself and others!

Theory of Action



ALL students are given equitable opportunities in a nurturing environment;

Teachers are provided with professional learning opportunities to support them with designing and implementing quality instruction;


We establish a home-school connection where parents are involved in the school community;


We collaborate with Community-Based Organizations, Elected Officials, Field Support Center, and other partners on behalf of the students we serve;




ALL students will achieve success. 

PS/MS 105Q is a uniform school.

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