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Principal's Message


Dear PS/MS 105 Parents and Families, 


Welcome to the 2023 – 2024 school year. 


I am very honored to be working with the teachers, staff, parents and students of the Bay School Community and am excited to introduce myself as the new principal (I.A.). 


This year, the teachers and staff will undertake the huge task of increasing the ‘Social-Emotional Learning Skills’ within our school community. We will be working to not only collect data that informs next steps for instruction in the core subject areas, but we will also strive to understand each child’s individual personalities and how that affects the way they learn and when and how they learn best. Finally, we will be increasing student voice in the classroom and support them in becoming decision makers for their learning. 


Great schools are those that include a positive and loving school culture where the teachers, support staff and members of the school community collectively endeavor to be agents of change; striving to make the school, the community, the state, the country and even the world a better place by tapping into the potential of ALL students. I am energized and deeply committed to being a part of such a community; one that I believe will make a positive difference in the lives of your children.  


As a parent, I have always appreciated when my children’s administrators were flexible, open, collaborative, trustworthy, authentic, and innovative. This year I look forward to getting to know each of you better and being the kind of school leader that you can bring any concerns to. 


Please feel free to email or call with any questions. 




Kathryn O’Brien 

Principal I.A. 

Our Mission

Poster from the PS/MS 105 Writing Celebration

PS/MS 105Q will use ALL available resources to provide rigorous instruction, and equitable opportunities for ALL students to ensure that all students have next level readiness.

Equity Vision

All school stakeholders will have a stronger understanding of the individual identities that exist in our school community.

Our History

Picture of the outside of the PS/MS 105Q school building

District 27

Serving Grades 3K - 8

Established 1958


Our instructional focus is to plan and implement standards-based, data driven cohesive lessons that engage students in learning. 

The Pledge of Kindness

I pledge to myself, on this very day, 

to try and be kind in every way.

To every person, BIG or small, I will

help them if they fall.

When I love myself, and others, too,

that is the best, that I can do.

P.A.R.R. Affirmation

My positive attitude 

is an example for others to follow

And it motivates me

to perform with enthusiasm!

I will maintain a

Positive, enthusiastic attitude

towards myself and others!

Theory of Action



ALL students are given equitable opportunities in a nurturing environment;

Teachers are provided with professional learning opportunities to support them with designing and implementing quality instruction;


We establish a home-school connection where parents are involved in the school community;


We collaborate with Community-Based Organizations, Elected Officials, Field Support Center, and other partners on behalf of the students we serve;




ALL students will achieve success. 

PS/MS 105Q is a uniform school.

School Map
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