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Welcome to The Bay School,


Dear PS/MS 105 Family,



     It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Bay School, PS/MS 105, "Where Successful Futures Begin!" It is both an honor and a privilege to serve as your Principal, and I look forward to a year filled with exemplary teaching and learning and increased parental involvement.


     Our school is characterized by a most dedicated staff, all of whom work tirelessly to ensure that our students are fully engaged in the learning process. We strive to create opportunities for all of our students to be successful, while embracing each student’s learning style. Our goal is to lay a solid foundation for lifelong learning that will ensure our students’ futures are geared toward college and career readiness.


     PS/MS 105 values the time and effort put forth by parents to support their child's education. We believe in working collaboratively with parents and guardians to ensure the success of our students. Please feel free to contact the school with any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the school year. As part of the chancellor’s vision for all NYC public schools we are committed to increasing parent involvement so you can learn more about what is expected of your child. It is our goal here at PS/MS 105 to engage parents and families in every aspect of school life.


     As we begin the 2018-2019 school year, I welcome the opportunity to work together as we help set the stage for our children to grow both academically and socially. In this rapidly changing, high tech world we live, our children are confronted with an ever-increasing task of accomplishing high standards – not just in education, but in all areas of life. The school, the family and the community join together in the lives of your children to meet that end. At PS/MS 105 we are committed to working hard to develop our students’ skills to meet these challenges.


     We will host frequent parent workshops and conferences so that you can learn more about your child’s progress and have access to experts in the field. We would also like to increase the use of email and written publications to expand outreach to parents.


We look forward to working together with families to provide the information, communication and cooperation to ensure the success of your children.


Participation is essential for success. I look forward to a great year!






March 9, 2023

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Contact the Edna Kreisleman

Mon-Fri 9am - 3pm


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