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Girls on the run group. 5 female educators and 13 female students.


There are a number of athletic programs that are offered to our students throughout the school year. There is a morning CHAMPS program that is run by the physical education teachers, Mr. Long and Mr. Stavola. There is a school basketball team, volleyball team and a track team that competes with other local schools. 

PS/MS 105 also has a very strong working relationship with the 101st precinct. The youth officers encourage students to participate in flag football during the fall. The officers are also involved in the raising awareness for Breast Cancer by participating in a volleyball game every October.







3 Art Supplies - markers, pencils and colored pens.



The music department is run by Mrs. Schaeffner.  She has a chorus program for the middle school girls and a chorus program with the elementary grades to sing at the local adult home throughout the school year. 


PS/MS 105 has a chess program that is run by Mr. Madison. The club meets on Thursday afternoons and has a number of chess tournaments throughout the school year with other other schools in Queens and Brooklyn. He works closely with the officers of the 101st precinct to share this chess program with more students. 

6 students playing chess.


Welcome to our Robin Hood Library Media Center

Ms. Bornstein, MLS Librarian

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We offer databases, curated links to quality websites, and a collection of eBooks in addition to our library book collections for students, staff and parents. 

Picture of the school library.
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